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Our Board and Donation Policies

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It is the hope of the Directors that the Foundations serve as examples of the type of charitable support organizations that can grow out of the small entrepreneurial businesses that have become incredibly successful over the last 30+ years. America provides a unique opportunity for those willing to take a risk to create and grow small innovative companies. When successful, these companies often bring significant increases in net worth for their founders and key executives. The Directors of the Foundation believe such entrepreneurs have a moral responsibility to apply their talents, creativity and drive to the not for profit arena for the benefit of others.

The Foundations’ Board of Directors attempts, through example, to encourage successful men and women to share their good fortune, talent and dedication to those in need. The Foundations’ fundamental belief is that far more is received from giving and sharing entrepreneurial success than the cost required to provide it

Since 1996 the combined* foundations have donated

$35 Million+

*Includes Armstrong Family Foundation gifts

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