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“Not only does your support further my education financially, but the personal investment the Armstrong’s make for us scholars during the course of our academic life is astonishing and in itself is rewarding. Each event that is held monthly reunites us with a family infused atmosphere, and we are welcomed with warmth and acceptance”

Aidan Khalilova, Scholar Alumni

Arizona State University

The Armstrong Family Foundation Scholarship Program is designed to help deserving students with family circumstances beyond their control that limit financial resources and prevent access to educational opportunities. The scholarship offers a strong support network and personal involvement from the Armstrong family. The Armstrongs meet regularly with recipients to make sure they are working through obstacles and reaching their goals. The program also features monthly activities and events to enhance personal and professional development.

University of Colorado - Boulder

The Kiita Foundation Student Employee Scholarship is available to full-time undergraduate students who will be sophomores or juniors and have worked in any department on campus for at least two semesters prior to selection.

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Whitefish Community Foundation

This scholarship was established at Whitefish Community Foundation in 2023 to help a financially independent graduate of Whitefish High School or Whitefish Independent High School earn a bachelor’s degree.

whitefish community
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