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"Rancho Feliz provides an excellent way for Americans to do their part in addressing the disparity between our society and our closest neighbors."

Patrick Armstrong

This initiative at the Watts College provides 

wraparound services for all ASU
students with a background in the
foster care system.

AFFCF creates opportunities to build self-esteem and empower children and youth in foster care by funding services to enrich their life experiences and ensure their successful transition to adulthood.

Bloom365 is a grassroots organization based in
Phoenix, Arizona that educates and activates
young people to cultivate healthy and safe
relationships, free of abuse and violence. 

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North Valley Food Bank is building food security, strengthening communities in Whitefish, Montana.
We envision a world with well-nourished,
connected communities.

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Rancho Feliz is motivated by the philosophy that the best way to improve our own circumstances is to
serve others, we’ve changed thousands of lives
on both sides of the border. 

Seed Spot works to educate, accelerate,
and invest in entrepreneurs who are creating
solutions to social problems.

SVPAZ takes a venture capital approach to philanthropy.  We provide expertise and funding to emerging and growing local non-profits that are working to make children successful.

Sounds Academy is a music education
organization that teaches, mentors,
and provides musical experiences and
opportunities for underserved youth.

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Step educates and empowers low income
Arizona high schoolers to enroll in and
graduate from college.

Support My Club is supporting students on their
path to graduation by engaging
communities to fulfill the needs of
school clubs and teams.

Our mission is to welcome new friends. We help refugees integrate to a brighter future. In over
20 years in Phoenix, we have welcomed over 1
5,000 refugees from over 40 countries

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